SCT® (StoneCompositeTechnology) is a new technology to preload mineral materials by fiber materials. The resulting compound material, like CFS® (CarbonFiberStone) e.g., consists of natural stone or artificial stone and a laminate with carbon fibers.

The main reason for the superiority of this hybrid material is the combination of light weight and inherent damping property, resulting from the mineral component, since stones like granite provide the desired damping properties at roughly the same specific weight as aluminum. The missing property of tensile strength is provided by the carbon fiber preload at the stone surface.

TechnoCarbon Technologies, Munich, has successfully validated a full set of material parameters which allow to compute the Structural Dynamics of such hybrid composites with the ANSYS 14.0 simulator in an efficient way.

Zai AG is pioneering novel materials for high performance sports equipment. Zai has succesfully incorporated a CFS® kernel into their Zai Spada ski featuring unprecedented inherent damping characteristics.



Zai Spada Ski incorporating a CFS® Kernel (TechnoCarbon Special Edition)











It has been found that the ANSYS Workbench structural environment very easily can derive reduced order models of such multilayer composite configurations for later use with the ANSYS Simplorer system simulator. Therefore, quite realistic system level projects can include multilayer hybrid composites, like high performance ski kernels or sailing boat masts and many other sports equipment, and perform a system level simulation covering an entire downhill track or sailing course, respectively.



Video 1: Zai Spada TV Spot in Bavarian Television (in German) 

For details of CFS® please refer to ZaiSpada-Presentation.pdf and ZaiSpada_talk.pdf for an invited talk at the ANSYS Swiss Conference 2012, Zurich.