Today, High Performance Computing (HPC) can be found in the development and partially even in the production cycles of industry. Therefore, HPC clusters have to be integrated into production environments that demand the simultaneous solution of multidisciplinary physics problems.

CAD/CAE applications will have to respond to these new challenges imposed by industry. The concepts of work flow and production cycle are used to extend the vision of a completely integrated digital product development into various physics domains, like integrated actuator/sensor design, system control, combustion, fluid-structure interaction, turbo machinery as well as turbulence phenomena.

Peer Technologies offers consulting, design and services with respect to Computer Aided Design, engineering, manufacturing and testing with major CAD/CAE systems: PSpice, Cadence PSD, Agilent VEE, Ansoft Maxwell, Ansoft Simplorer, Ansys Multiphysics, CFX, Fluent, LS-Dyna and others.


Cadence PSD Circuit Diagram of Coldfire Microcontroller (Courtesy AMZ)