Computer aided design and engineering has enabled virtual engineering as a new discipline of conceptual design which is driven by thought experiments to a large degree. Based on continued validation, virtual engineering has turned into a steady enabler of innovation, performance, efficiency and short times-to-market. And it has set the framework for multi-domain physics simulation and goal driven optimization to help design superior products in an automated way. Therefore, the establishment of efficient, IT-based procedures in a distributed network of design and manufacturing is a business prerequisite for the integration of digital products into the digital factory.

Peer Technologies GmbH & Co KG is an engineering company based in Stuttgart, Germany. Peer Technologies owns more than 30 years of experience in the field of computer based systems and performs consulting and development activities in the areas of IT consulting, consolidation of distributed computing infrastructures, network management and security, as well as the design, programming and use of multiprocessors in industrial and medical electronics.

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Hybrid Glass Composites: Stairs leading to 2nd Floor at Apple Store Sydney.